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YOU can be the light, will you?


 Become Enlightened


Knowledge is power.

Learn to recognize suspicious

activity and how to report it. 

How You Can Be Involved 

Monthly Meeting: Last Tuesday of each month at


Spread the Word

Raise awareness to increase the likelihood that others can be rescued. 


Attend Events

Our monthly meetings and

on-going events are nothing without the support of our abolitionists.


Become an Online Activist

Fight slavery from anywhere:

  • Connect with us on social media to stay informed on our upcoming events and the latest news on human trafficking​

  • Regularly share our posts in order to  spread awareness to friends and family! 

  • Research the latest legislation changes in your area and spread petitions on social media to impact their outcomes. Follow the below link to find some of the most recent ones.


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For help or to report HT activity: 

call: 1-888-373-7888

text: 233733 (BeFree)

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