Human trafficking is a well-established industry hiding in plain sight. At Be the Light, our goal to provide tangible solutions is to this horrific crime.

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Sex and labor trafficking are both industries based on supply and demand. Our over-sexed, desensitized American culture has a high demand for sex and pedophilia. Labor trafficking occurs because of the demand for cheaper products from consumers.


From any state, country or continent.

From any income level or have any educational background.


Human trafficking is the exploitation of a human being for the benefit of another.


What kinds of human trafficking exist?


Men, women, and children. The average age of a sex trafficking victim is 12.

Tech savvy. In the US, teenagers are the most at risk, often coming in contact with traffickers online.


How is this criminal activity so vast and widespread? There are several contributing factors, but the simple answer is profit. In the same way that drugs & weapons are trafficked, so are people. The unfortunate difference is that, unlike drugs or weapons, a person can be sold multiple times a day, making it more profitable & easier for a trafficker, aka: pimp.  


Common settings for victims of sex trafficking\ labor+sex trafficking are hotels, nail salons, restaurants, casinos, truck stops, strip clubs, and massage parlors. Also cantinas, bars, brothels, and even individual homes and apartments.

Younger victims are often recruited in places where kids will frequent without parents;  malls, movies, or libraries.


A local survivor was recruited within their own school. Children and teens are especially vulnerable to coming in contact with traffickers online.


Younger victims may be sent home to live with their unsuspecting parents while being exploited, under severe threats to report back to their traffickers.


Where can we see human trafficking?



Anyone. Anywhere. At any age.

Victims include:


Controlling relationship . Younger person with an older man and/or woman . Unexplained shopping trips/expensive items Isolation from family, friends . Obsession with their "boyfriend" . Calling boyfriend "Daddy" or "King" . Unwilling to talk about their relationship . Falling grades . Depression-like symptoms . Bruising or signs of physical abuse . Drug or alcohol addictions . 'Branding'; tattoos . Live where they work . Live with all their co-workers . Not in control of their own id documents . Not allowed to speak with whom they wish privately . avoiding eye contact

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