Be the light in the darkness of slavery

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be the light

in the darkness of human trafficking


We exist to reduce human trafficking by empowering communities with education, tools,

and resources since 2013. 


We are a 501c3 non-profit and a community of volunteers (aka: lightkeepers) across the U.S.


We provide tangible solutions to trafficking

through our 3 strategy approach. 


Mission & Vision 




Knowing about this crime is only the first step to preventing and eliminating it.

Be the Light offers custom curricula for a variety of audiences. 



Trafficking 101

Empowering YOUth

Protecting Youth

Healthcare Professionals



 The current statistic is that the millions of trafficking victims have only a 1-2% chance of being rescued. Once rescued from trafficking, survivors still must face many kinds of challenges and deserve support and rehabilitation.

Be the Light actively supports local survivors and collaborates with our community of agencies necessary for the shelter and rehabilitation process.  


Labor and sex trafficking are driven by a high demand for sex and cheaper products. Be the Light is actively working to increase accountability and education for Johns (someone who pays for sex) and consumers.


We believe in the Equality Model to decriminalize those being trafficked and provide support services for them to exit the life and create an extensive criminal offense for those buying children, women, and men for sex.


 For those trapped in slavery, everyday is filled with exploitation, manipulation, and abuse. 

However, we know that darkness does not overpower light, it is merely the absence of it.

Be the Light in slavery's darkness. 

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 All rights reserved. 

For help or to report HT activity: 

call: 1-888-373-7888

text: 233733 (BeFree)

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